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Tag Link [File_AutoResolveFullPaths] Category File
Type Substitution Source Available No
Support Preferred Version 7.0.4
Change Unchanged Data Source Any
Output Type Boolean Security Tag
Implementation Internal Sets Lasso 8.5, Lasso 8.0, Lasso 7.0


[File_AutoResolveFullPaths] will modify how Lasso Professional resolves where a file is on the drive when using the File tags. This tag modifies how relative file path resolutions are performed and requires global administrator permission to use. Full paths, which begin with /// or C:// for example, are not affected by the operation of this tag. The Include, Include_Raw and Library tags are not affected by the use of this tag.

When set to True, Lasso will send any /file/path.lasso to the webserver to resolve into a full path. This allows virtual directories/aliases that are defined by the web server to be utilized. True is the default value which corresponds to how Lasso resolved file paths in previous versions.

When set to False, Lasso will merely send "/" to the webserver to be resolved. It will then prepend that to the path being specified. This will cause virtual directories/aliases to not get resolved. It will also prevent mod_rewrite (for Apache) from having a chance to modify the path.

When the tag is called directly, the current set value will be returned.



[File_AutoResolveFullPaths: Boolean]


Optional Parameters
boolean true or false to set the value. No value returns the currently set value.

Change Notes

This tag was added in Lasso Professional 7.0.4.


To return the current value



To modify the value

[File_AutoResolveFullPaths: false]