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[Link_CurrentSearch] ... [/Link_CurrentSearch]

Tag Link [Link_CurrentSearch] ... Category Link
Type Container Source Available No
Support Deprecated Version 3.0
Change Unchanged Data Source Any
Output Type None Security None
Implementation LCAPI Sets Lasso 3.x


[Link_CurrentSearch] ... [/Link_CurrentSearch] returns a pair of HTML anchor tags that link to the current Lasso action. The included URL references the current format file with parameters that perform the current Lasso action.

If this tag is used within [Inline] ... [/Inline] tags then the action specified in the starting [Inline] tag will be returned. If this tag is used within a format file that is a response to an HTML form or URL based action then the parameters of that action will be used.

The URL can be used as the base to add additional parameters to the action or the -No... parameters can be used to filter out various types of parameters to replace them in the finished URL.

The URL will specify an action using Classic Lasso syntax. If Classic Lasso support is disabled then an [Inline] tag with an [Action_Params] parameter will be required on the response page to trigger the action.

The [Link_CurrentSearchURL] tag can be used to return the same URL that is used in the anchor tags returned by this tag.


[Link_CurrentSearch] ... [/Link_CurrentSearch]


Optional Parameters
-No... Removes a specified command tag from the link (e.g -NoDatabase, -NoMaxRecords, etc.).
-No.Name Removes a specified name/value parameter from the link (e.g. -No.First_Name).
-NoAction Removes action command tag from the link.
-NoClassic Removes -Database,-Table,-KeyField command tags from the link.
-NoParams Removes all name/value parameters from the link.
-NoSort Removes all sort command tags from the link.
-NoTokens Removes all tokens from the link.
-Response Sets the base URL for the link.
Other Parameters All other keywords and name/value parameters are added to the link.


To link to the current Lasso action:

Use the [Link_CurrentSearch] ... [/Link_CurrentSearch] tags. The following example places a link named Current Action on a format file. When selected, this link will perform the same action that was used to load the current format file.

[Link_CurrentSearch] Current Action [/Link_CurrentSearch]