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Tag Link [LJAX_Start] Category LJAX
Type Process Source Available No
Support Preferred Version 8.5
Change New Data Source Any
Output Type None Security
Implementation LassoScript Sets Lasso 8.5


[LJAX_Start] and [LJAX_End] tags allow the dynamic portion of a page to be identified in a less obtrusive manner than using [LJAX_Target] ... [/LJAX_Target]. The [LJAX_Start] and [LJAX_End] tags allow you to mark off what portion of a page should be returned as part of dynamic LJAX updates. Any Lasso code on your page before [LJAX_Start] or after [LJAX_End] will be processed, but the output of those tags will be suppressed.


... Dynamic Content ...


No Parameters Required.

Change Notes

This tag was added in Lasso 8.5.2.


See the Lasso 8 Language Guide for examples of how to use this tag.

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