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Tag Link [Content_Body] Category Output
Type Substitution Source Available Yes
Support Preferred Version 8.5
Change New Data Source Any
Output Type String Security None
Implementation Sets Lasso 8.5


[Content_Body] returns a reference to the current body that is being assembled by Lasso for return to the client. The body is usually an HTML or XML document up to the point where this tag is called. The body can also be binary data such as an image or PDF file that will be served.

Called simply the [Content_Body] tag returns the current body. If called with a parameter the body is replaced with that new value [Content_Body: 'new value']. A new value can also be assigned to or appended to the content body.



[Content_Body: 'new body']

[Content_Type: 'image/gif'][Content_Body: (Include_Raw: 'myimage.gif')][Abort]

[Content_Body += 'additional body content']


Optional Parameters
Body String or byte stream which defines the new body for the page.


See the Lasso 8 Language Guide for examples of how to use this tag.