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Tag Link [Compare_GreaterThanOrEquals] Category Comparator
Type Substitution Source Available Yes
Support Preferred Version 8.5.5
Change New Data Source Any
Output Type Integer Security None
Implementation LassoScript Sets Lasso 8.5


[Compare_GreaterThanOrEquals] can be used to sort an array or other compound data type in the ->SortWith member tag. The largest value will be sorted to the front of the array.

[Compare_GreaterThaOrEqualsn] can also be used with [Match_Comparator] to return elements from a compound data type that are greater than or equal to the specified value. This comparator can also be triggered using a -GTE keyword.


[$Array->(Match_Comparator: \Compare_GreaterThanOrEquals, -RHS='Value')]

[$Array->(Match_Comparator: -GTE, 'Value')]


No Parameters Required.


See the Lasso 8 Language Guide for examples of how to use this tag.