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Tag Link [Auth_User] Category Administration
Type Process Source Available Yes
Support Preferred Version 7.0
Change Unchanged Data Source Any
Output Type None Security Tag
Implementation LDML Sets Lasso 8.5, Lasso 8.0, Lasso 7.0


[Auth_User] checks the current authentication values which were sent with the HTTP header. The tag requires one parameter which is the name of a user in Lasso security. If the current user matches the username and password defined in Lasso security then the page continues serving normally.

Otherwise, the visitor is prompted with an authentication dialog. They will not be able to see the format file which contains this tag unless they provide the specified username and password.

The optional realm parameter will be used by the client's Web browser to identify how the username and password will be used. If the same realm parameter is used on multiple pages the browser will re-transmit the username and password automatically without re-prompting the client. The realm defaults to 'Lasso Security'.

The [Auth_User] tag will usually be one of the first tags in a format file.

The user can alternately be specified as an array. If the current user matches any of the users listed then they will be allowed to view the page. If the user parameter is omitted then any defined user in Lasso security will be allowed to view the page.


[Auth_User: 'username']

[Auth_User: (Array: 'user1', 'user2')]


Required Parameters
'Username' The name of the Lasso security user to authenticate against.
Optional Parameters
-Realm Specifies the realm name that is shown to the visitor in the Web browser prompt. Defaults to "Lasso Security".
-NoAbort If specified the tag does not perform an [Abort] after setting the HTTP header.


To restrict a page to a specific Lasso user:

Use the [Auth_User] tag with the name of the desired user as a parameter. Each visitor will need to enter the username and password of the Lasso user specified in order to view the contents of the Web page.

[Auth_User: 'Lasso_User_Name']