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Tag Link [Auth_Admin] Category Administration
Type Process Source Available No
Support Preferred Version 3.6.6
Change Unchanged Data Source Any
Output Type None Security None
Implementation LCAPI Sets Lasso 8.5, Lasso 8.0, Lasso 7.0, Lasso 6.0, Lasso 5.0, Lasso 3.x


[Auth_Admin] checks the current authentication values which were sent with the HTTP header. If they correspond to the username and password of the global administrator then no action is performed. The page is process normally with the permissions of the global administrator.

Otherwise, the visitor is prompted with an authentication dialog. They will not be able to see the format file which contains this tag unless they specific the username and password of the global administrator.

This tag works similarly to the [Auth] tag.




No Parameters Required.


To prompt the site visitor to authenticate as the global administrator:

Use the [Auth_Admin] tag. The tag will prevent the page from being served to the current visitor unless they provide the username and password of the global administrator in their browser's authentication dialog box.