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Tag Link [Admin_ChangeUser] Category Administration
Type Substitution Source Available No
Support Preferred Version 5.0
Change Unchanged Data Source Any
Output Type Boolean Security Tag
Implementation LCAPI Sets Lasso 8.5, Lasso 8.0, Lasso 7.0, Lasso 6.0, Lasso 5.0


[Admin_ChangeUser] changes the password for the specified user. This tag can be called by the user whose password is being changed.

The tag returns True if the change was successful or False if the password could not be changed or the user did not exist.


[Admin_ChangeUser: 'Username', 'Old Password', 'New Password']


Required Parameters
Username The username whose password should be changed.
Old Password The old password for the username.
New Password The new password for the username.

Change Notes

This tag was documented incorrectly in the LDML 5 Reference.


To change the password for a user:

Use the [Admin_ChangeUser] tag. The following example changes the password for the user JohnDoe to Secret.

[Admin_ChangeUser: 'JohnDoe', 'Password', 'Secret']