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Tag Link [Action_Params] Category Utility
Type Substitution Source Available No
Support Preferred Version 5.0
Change Unchanged Data Source Any
Output Type Array Security None
Implementation LCAPI Sets Lasso 8.5, Lasso 8.0, Lasso 7.0, Lasso 6.0, Lasso 5.0


[Action_Params] return an array of pairs that contains each of the parameters of the current action as well as all the command tags that define the current action.

If called within [Inline] ... [/Inline] tags the [Action_Params] tag will return the parameters of the action defined within the enclosing inline. If called outside of [Inline] ... [/Inline] tags in the response page to a database action specified in a URL or HTML form then the [Action_Params] tag will be the parameters of that action that loaded the page.

The [Action_Params] array will not contain the -InlineName parameter of an [Inline] tag or any of the -Response... tags from a URL or HTML form based action.




No Parameters Required.


To display all the parameters of the current action:

Use the [Action_Params] tag. The following example loops through the [Action_Params] tag displaying each name/value pair on a line by itself.

[Loop: (Action_Params)->Size]
  <br>[Output: (Action_Params)->(Get: Loop_Count)->First]
    [Output: (Action_Params)->(Get: Loop_Count)->Second]

<br>-MaxRecords 50
<br>-SkipRecords 0
<br>-OperatorLogical And